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Trial Lessons / Introductory Flights

Learn to Fly:

Introductory Flight / Trial Lesson


So you're wondering if you'd like to learn to fly? You want to find out if you really can get your Private Pilot's License. We can help answer these questions and more. Arranging a 'Trial Lesson' is one of the best ways you can find the answers to these questions and develop the flying bug!

The trial flight or Air Experience Flight normally lasts about half an hour. One of our qualified instructors will brief you and explain all the checks they are doing, prior to flying, and show you just how the aircraft flies. Then they will give you 'control' of the aircraft so that you can get the feel of what it is like to fly it. (All our aircraft have dual controls).

The primary aim of the Trial Lesson is to give some flight experience and help towards deciding if a potential student wishes to go ahead and 'Learn to Fly'. All our trial flights are carried out in our club aircraft - a Robin DR200.

This initial flight can be logged as part of the Course, and counts towards your license.

How to Buy

Trial Lesson Vouchers are available -- Valid for 12 months.

Cost = 120.00 for a 30 minute flight.
Cost = 210.00 for a 60 minute flight.

If you are interested in booking a trial flight, please email enquiries@prestwickflyingclub.co.uk, or write to us with the following details:-

  • Your name, address and telephone number
  • The name of the person the trial flight is for
  • Any specific or approximate dates when they wish to undertake the flight. (We will try to fit your schedule)
  • A cheque payable to Prestwick Flying Club Ltd.

Send all this to:

Prestwick Flying Club
Newdykes Farm
Shawfarm Road
Prestwick KA9 1HE.

On receipt of payment and all the requested details, a Trial Lesson Voucher will be sent out along with appropriate information.

Prices are correct as of February 2015 but are subject to change due to fuel price increases etc. We will attempt to update the website with such changes when they occur.