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The Aircraft

G-BAJZ - Robin DR400

The club purchased it's first aircraft in early 2014 which is available to all members to fly. A French designed and built wood and fabric aircraft, it offers excellent handling and visibility and is an ideal training aircraft.

The current flying rate is £156 per hour

Pioneer Flying Company

G-ASAL - Scottish Aviation Bulldog

The ex-BAe demonstrator is owned and operated by a group of 20 pilots through a limited company (Pioneer Flying Co Ltd). Each member owns an equal share in the aircraft and group funds, and shares are occassionally availble for sale. Being operated on a Permit to Fly, we also undertake some of the maintenance work under the guidance of an LAA inspector to keep costs low.

The Bulldog is a versatile aircraft, being well suited to a variety of roles including basic training, touring and aerobatics.

Members currently pay a monthly standing order of £45 to cover the fixed costs, and our flying rate is £102 per hour, with an aerobatic surcharge of £8.50 to cover the increase in fuel burn.

Scottish Airways Flyers

G-BVNS - Piper Archer

SAF (Scottish Airways Flyers Ltd) is a group of approximately 25 pilots which owns and operates a Piper Archer 11 (180hp) based within Prestwick Flying Club. Each pilot is a shareholder and owns an equal share of the value of the aircraft and any funds held by the group. The number of shareholders can vary from time to time as shares are sold or traded.

Our Archer, G-BVNS, is a real go places touring aircraft for 4 people and has been as far a field as Bergen in Norway, Texel in Holland and various airfields in France. The current flying rate is £114 per hour and there is an annual charge of £480 to cover fixed costs such as insurance, maintenance etc. The purchase of a SAF share allows you to fly at a rate which is far less than hiring an aircraft equivalent to G-BVNS. A typical share price can be in the region of £1200 - £1500 but this can vary and is only a guide.

website: www.scottish-airways-flyers.net

South Side Flyers

G-CENW Aerotechnik Evektor 'Eurostar' EV97A

This two seat Class A aircraft operates under a Light Aircraft Association 'Permit to Fly' where the Group owners undertake their own maintenance, overlooked by an LAA Inspector, and thus substantially reduce maintenance / operational costs. All of the 6 Co-owners of the 'Southside Flyers' Group, are thus expected to offer their services in the best manner suited to them, in upholding the necessary work entailed in the provision and operation of the Group aircraft.
Light on the controls and with short field capability, it cruises at a standard 100mph using a Rotax 912 ULS 100 hp 4 stroke engine consuming a meagre 11 litres per hour with 5 Ĺ hours endurance to dry with a versatile operational speed range and stall speed of 40 mph.
Hourly Flying rate (wet), is £30 - primarily to cover fuel, oil and engine replacement fund. Shareholders also pay a monthly Standing Order of £45. This covers 'Fixed costs' primarily Insurance and Maintenance - a mandatory payment regardless as to how often they fly - the more they fly the lower the overall hourly cost in a year. Shares, if available, presently cost in the region of £7900, re-saleable, any new member being vetted by the other members of the Group to uphold the ethos of the Groupís operation.

Privately Owned